My friend and I chatted about this over lunch at a café. I was eating a surprisingly flavorful vegan burrito (I figured it would taste like cardboard, but it tasted like tomato flavored cardboard instead), and telling her how sick I am of people asking me if I feel “empowered” by my job. Why do I need to be empowered? Should I go up to the barista behind the counter and ask her if she feels empowered by her job making coffee and burritos?

My friend insists that sex workers should be empowered though, “because of the stigma.”

No, friend, sex workers don’t need to feel empowered any more than any other laborers need to feel empowered. Sex workers need human, civil, and labor rights first. Sex workers need to stop being arrested, murdered, and raped. Perhaps then we can discuss “empowerment” (what does that even mean!?)

It sounds like something silly that feminists insisted that we need (feminists tend to know our own bodies better than we do). So, we’re supposed to be empowered happy hookers, right? What if we aren’t happy? What if our job sucks? What if we’re miserable due to a lack of labor rights? And even worse…what if we show it? Feminism will turn right back around and remind us that the reason we’re miserable is because we are being oppressed. We are tools of patriarchy. We were suffering from false consciousness, but now we are finally seeing the light!

According to feminism, we are either empowered happy hookers (and we are crushing the patriarchy in our own way!) or we are oppressed victims (damn you, patriarchy! You’re holding us down!)  so hurry up and pick one. But wait…what if you’re not a “happy hooker” OR a “victim?” Now what? Well, I’m neither of those, so I’m not sure where I fit in.





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Captain America The winter solider - Beijing premiere (x)

I have never found Chris Evans so relatable as in this moment.

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does anybody else think tired and sleepy mean two totally different things

sleepy is cute and dozing off and happy but tired is 10 cups of coffee and murder

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  • me: did it hurt?
  • you: what
  • me: when i fell from heaven and landed on you. i'm as beautiful as an angel.

I just spent half an hour wrestling a twenty-year-old Yankees teddy bear out of a box at the back of my closet and I don’t understand my life I don’t even like the Yankees. 

I want Joan’s coat a lot.

I want Joan’s coat a lot.




Effie Trinket + not being oblivious to the Capitol’s true nature

“I’m not sure. I just wanted to hold them accountable, if only for a moment,” says Peeta. “For killing that little girl.”

“This is dreadful.” Effie sounds like she’s about to cry. “That sort of thinking … it’s forbidden, Peeta. Absolutely. You’ll only bring down more trouble on yourself and Katniss.

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Effie is playing the long game. Effie’s flying under the fucking radar by batting her hundred-dollar hand-sculpted eyelashes and flapping her two hundred dollar manicure in the air while inside she is raging against the machine and will defend her victors to the death.

I just watched both of these movies for the first time, and—-holy crap, Effie. Like, obviously, the thing I bawled like a big bawling baby over the most was Rue, Rue all the time, Rue everywhere, Rue being a brave clever little darling and Rue dying and Rue memorialized in paint as a nice little fuck you to the Gamemakers. Effie came in a close-ish second during Catching Fire though, and I’m not even sure I can put my finger on why. I think it has something to do with what her face looks like in that second-to-last gif; she’s so much everything the Capitol is, all polish and glamour and a frivolous disregard for the tragedy of other people’s lives, and then occasionally the varnish just cracks, and you get to see that she’s this whole person under all the fripperies and hair. I just feel like when Katniss and Peeta won, some part of her was like, “Oh, okay. You’re alive, you won. It’s safe to love you now.” But then it’s not safe at all, and she’s still the same person she ever was, a little ridiculous and maybe occasionally a little monstrous, but she’s also devastated.

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rita photographed by stockholm street style